2021 Annual Symposium
of the 
Ontario Archaeological Society

October 18-24, 2021

Call for Workshop Proposals

The 2021 OAS Symposium will be held October 18 – 24 and hosted virtually online by the Ottawa Chapter. As with previous symposia it is intended to offer the opportunity for members and contributors to organize and deliver Workshops in the days prior to the official opening session on Friday October 22.

We welcome proposals which can provide members and participants with learning and sharing opportunities with ideas and topics that are relevant to the study, execution and dissemination of archaeological research in Ontario. Some suggestions follow as a guide, but are not meant to limit a wide range of possibilities.

      • sharing data through the latest technological advancements
      • opportunities for the avocational archaeologist in Ontario archaeology
      • facilitation of meaningful consultation and engagement with descendant communities
      • understanding descendant communities and their territories through time
      • storage and/or documentation of artifacts and archival materials
      • overview of various analytical studies such as lithic, ceramic, faunal, osteological studies, conservation of collections, etc.
      • updates on field work and post field work training for archaeologists

NOTE: Workshops will take place generally in the evenings in the week prior to the opening of the Symposium sessions. It may, however, be possible to arrange for times outside the actual Symposium week. Based on the number of submissions received and accepted for presentation, we may be able to arrange concurrent or other time options.


Marian Clark

Coordinator of Workshops

2021 OAS Symposium



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