Simcoe County AMP Open House - Collingwood

  • June 04, 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Collingwood Public Library - Meeting Rooms B and C

The County is undertaking the preparation and completion of an Archaeological Management Plan (AMP) for Simcoe County. The purpose of the initiative is to conserve and protect this area's rich cultural heritage and archaeological  features and sites and to address Planning Act requirements. The process includes significant consultation and engagement with stakeholder groups, First Nations and Métis communities.

Our County is rich with culture and heritage and identifying these features will not only serve a rich historical purpose, but also provide efficiencies for local  planning authorities who can use the information within planning policies and decisions,” said Warden Gerry Marshall. We are already having productive discussions with our Indigenous communities, and we plan to engage with stakeholder groups as much as possible to build an inclusive and detailed plan that will support planning and land use policy for generations to come.

Once complete, the County of Simcoe AMP will:

Create a confidential inventory of registered and unregistered archaeological sites, including all existing and closed cemeteries

Prepare an overview of the County's settlement history for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples

Develop Geographic Information System (GIS) based mapping that identifies areas of Indigenous and colonial period archaeological potential

Recommend County Official Plan updates relating to cultural heritage conservation and archaeological features and sites

Recommend improved planning processes to ensure a standardized and  consistent approach to integrating the archaeological assessment process into  the municipal planning and development review process

Recommend an engagement and consultation protocol with relevant Indigenous communities

Recommend a Contingency Plan for the protection of archaeological resources in urgent situations (i.e., deeply buried human remains discovered during construction)

Consultation with First Nation and Métis communities and site/feature identification started in early 2018 and the final AMP is expected to be completed by early 2019.

The County will host two rounds of Open House sessions occurring in late spring 2018 to obtain input and late fall 2018 to present findings.

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