Hamilton Chapter - Dartmoor: A prehistoric ramble

  • November 21, 2019
  • 7:30 PM
  • Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, Ancaster

Speaker: Michael McLean

Topic: Dartmoor: A prehistoric ramble

Michael McLean has been interested in the past most of his life, one way or another. For the last two decades he has worked, both in the field and out, as a commercial and academic archaeologist. He brings with him insights and anecdotes from studying at McMaster University and the University of Oxford as well excavating in Ontario, Ireland and the UK. Mike has worked on Roman, medieval as well as prehistoric sites but his passion, as always, was what first inspired him to take up archaeology in the first place: the megalithic monuments of Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe. Mike has excavated and produced a thesis on the prehistoric landscapes of Dartmoor, Devon in England’s southwest. He will present on this landscape, its people and its ancient stone monuments. An interesting and enlivening ramble through Britain's ancient past awaits!
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